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 I had passion and enjoy on assembling models since I was young. My father bought the first model as a birthday gift for me. It is a Gundam Rx78-1 HG 1/144 scale model and I assembled it with fun. I have assembled other models that can be purchased in my city all the time. Until one day, my mother said to me " Why not share your friends and enjoy it? "

So I opened a small shop in my village. Selling models and accessories to share the fun with those interested in it. And the fun sharing event continues until today.

IndyModel88.Com serve quality casting of PVC Vinyl model kit and Resin model kit from Movie Characters such as Gremlins, Predator, Alien, Fankenstein etc. and tools for hobby models in FREE Shipping to Worldwide.

Enjoy your DIY hobby model with our service on IndyModel88.Com

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Pisit Piriyakosit
Shop Owner and Customer Service, IndyModel88.Com
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