How to assemble PVC Vinyl model kit ?

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Hello Friends,

Today, I'd like to share my experience : How to assemble PVC Vinyl model kit ?

I would like to recommend friends to prepare tools to used in assemble your model kit such as sharp knife or art knife, hair dryer, superglueglue, waterproof sandpaper, plaster, Epo putty, pencil or pen. So friends can enjoy it.

First Step : Clear some grease from all work pieces

The workpiece may have some grease and deformation from transportation. Put all their pieces in hot water(2-3 mins) to clear some grease on surface and reshape transportation deformed . Next is keep all pieces dry.


Step 2 : Trim off excess parts for preparation

Draw a line that will trim all the excess parts by pencil or pen. Then use a sharp knife or art knife to trim off excess parts.
*Note* If the work piece is thick and hard, can blow hot air on area that need to trim out ( hot air make work piece soft down and easy to trim.


Step 3 : Assembling parts together

In my experience, I found 2 types of connection joint following :

3.1 Plug in type We can apply hot air to hole and insert the prepared parts straight away. (May not need to apply superglue at this connection joint)


3.2 Surface contact type We can apply hot air to both contact surfaces before apply superglue.


Step 4 : Filling gap with Epo Putty

After we put all parts together, some areas may not be close. I use Epo putty in A:B ratio (1:1). Knead mixture together (drop some water to allow ingredients blend together). Then we put the mixture in need area. Allow the mixture to hard (about 1 hour).
*Note* Drop some water to help the mixture stretch well and attach closely to the workpiece.

Step 5 : Sanding surface

Some surfaces may need to be sanded with sandpaper to sand with water. In my experience, I use waterproof sandpaper #400

Step 6 : Primer Spray 

Spray your prefer primer to continue to painting process

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